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When presented to write with the topic of Web Education for this month’s The Shift, there was a bunch of items that I could write about. The process of bridging the gap between Designer and Developer. The need to update the methodology of higher education with today’s web standards and ethics. But the one thing that really sticks out in my mind is a quote that I heard form Rodgers Waters on the Pink Floyd: Live from Pompeii movie:

It’s just a question of using the tools that are available when they are available. And more and more now there’s all kind of electronic goodies which are available for people like us to use if we can be bothered. And we can be bothered.

I think more than anything that if you want to learn about the web, then you must first do. Then if you really care about the web and what is possible, then you will understand and begin to learn the larger realm it contains. I think the mantra holds true; “Just Make Websites” when you want to learn something about the web. And there is really no excuse with all of the electronic goodies that are available to us.

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