The Internet Sucks...And Here's Why

Do You Need A Reason To Hate Facebook?

I really shouldn't have to explain this to anyone, should really hate Facebook.

But to be fair, I don't blame Facebook for becoming what it has become today. The door swings both ways for this and I also have to place blame on the general public as well. It seems like EVERYONE is using Facebook for common communications which could easily be done on something completely different. In the wake of my Instagram issue, I found it necessary to "clean" myself from any social media platforms outright. This included completely deleting my Facebook account. But fast-forward to now, and here I find myself needing to sign-up again since my child's school district was using their Facebook page to post updates regarding information about school schedules. Not to mention that our neighborhood is strictly communicating with their Facebook group page as well. Any events I want to know about? Oh yeah, that's all on Facebook too.

While I've enjoyed the silence of not being on any social media, I unfortunately have found myself needing some sort of account, just so I know what the hell is going on. But I've made sure that I've locked everything down as much as I can. I don't have any photos except a plain mystery man avatar, and a banner image of the pigs in the barn. I'll chime in on the groups that I follow, but I'm not accepting any friend requests and since I'm using Firefox with strict privacy controls along with a VPN, it should try to mix the information enough where Facebook has problems trying to figure out who I am.

Now the interesting thing I've noticed is that it must know that it's me to some extent since I'm getting friend suggestions from some people that I followed on my prevoius account. So, there's some association going on with some residual data that Facebook has kept, and is able to make a match to me. But it's not 100% exact as I'm getting friend suggestions for other people that I have NO idea who they are, nor do they live anywhere near me. So, that's a bit of a better sign, however, if you're looking to prove any idea that Facebook NEVER REALLY deletes any of your data when you request to have it deleted (which they extended from two weeks to a fucking MONTH), then I would say that this is a perfect example of data retention.

I understand the convenience of what Facebook has to offer for schools, communities, and other groups that are looking to easily share information and organize events. I get it. But we need to understand what we are giving up to do so. And until people find a better solution, I don't really see any way around not using Facebook for the time being. But that doesn't mean I have to participate, and with that, I'm only going to be giving them (Facebook) as little as I can.