oh, hey…

Oh hey, baseball is on again. That’s nice. I mean, it’s spring training games, but it’s better than nothing.

Daylight Savings Time

Daylight savings time again. Fun stuff, but it always makes me drink a vast amount of coffee. Just how much is too much coffee?

Things I wish Zwift Did

Riding a bicycle outside during the winter months in Illinois can be a little trouble some. You might get a few good days where the temperature is just above freezing, the sun will be out, and the trail will be frozen enough where they are ridable. But usually, it’s way too cold,

Reflections 2016

The Good and the Bad…

Facebook Suggestions

I was rooting around on Facebook (just a little bit ago, actually) and a modal window popped up from Facebook and asked me to rate how useful Facebook was to me. So naturally I ranked it the lowest I could. It then asked me for some feedback, which I gladly

Social Cleanup

Been going through and cleaning up my social accounts recently. l’ve realized that there’s too much “fluff” out there that I dont need to follow. I recommend this to everyone too. Just take a moment and do some social media house cleaning. Don’t worry, you can always follow people back again.

Mobile Mornings

In my efforts to attempt to be a little more healthy with my lifestyle, I’ve been getting up early to try and either go for a quick bike ride or do a quick weight circuit before having to switch gears and do Dad duty and head to work. I’ve noticed that

Web Education

When presented to write with the topic of Web Education for this month’s The Shift, there was a bunch of items that I could write about. The process of bridging the gap between Designer and Developer. The need to update the methodology of higher education with today’s web standards and ethics. But the

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