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In my efforts to attempt to be a little more healthy with my lifestyle, I’ve been getting up early to try and either go for a quick bike ride or do a quick weight circuit before having to switch gears and do Dad duty and head to work.

I’ve noticed that most of my point of failures for not doing anything when I am up usually involve me cracking open my computer and then I just begin to spiral into the abyss of the web which usually entails me doing research on something stupid (to most people), or doing work. In my efforts to try and stay focused, I’ve been forcing myself to just stick to my phone for my morning dose of Internet while I drink my supercharged coffee. This has worked out pretty well since it allows me to easily disconnect if I need to. But, what I have noticed is that while are currently living in this mobile driven society, the content stream is still quite broken.

The user experience that I’ve been having while browsing the web hasn’t been that great. I can tell that many web sites are still being designed with desktop in mind. Or they have been relying on either some sort of framework to just “take care of” all of the responsive bits for mobile. This is not a good frame of mind to have when designing for the web.

One site that I was looking at was the Vew-Do Balance Boards site. I’ve been researching on possibly getting a balance board to use for working out (as well as for fun) and since most of my research is being done on my phone in the morning the experience is not too bad but there have been some difficult items to note. One thing is the amount of content in the header:


I’m not really sure why it’s necessary to have Blog in there for starters. That seems like something that could be either omitted or nested somewhere else. Find a dealer could be moved within the search area. The search tap area should be a little bigger too. Cart and checkout could be rolled into the same thing. Catalog isn’t bad, but once you tap the touch target, the menu slides down and it’s kinda messy:


Having the accessories text clipped off makes it feel that there is more content underneath so I want to scroll, but there isn’t anything else there. Regardless I’m still able to get where I need to go and I can still view and purchase something. So overall it’s not horrible but by just taking a step back and testing this out should yield a better experience in the long run.

Another thing that has to DIE is the pop up modals. I could care less if it’s on a desktop or wider screen, but on mobile it kills the site. And nothing takes the cake more than cooking and recipe sites:

All Recipes Garbage

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve ditched a site because of this. If you are going to try and implement this type of Dark Pattern then just make it for larger screens only. And if you do enable it on mobile, then make it so you can close it by tapping the background. But overall, please make it stop.

We need to really focusing our content and not about coversions when designing for the web. Conversions are a result when you do things well not a goal. Your goal should always be about getting your content out there in a way that’s meaningful.

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