The Internet Sucks...And Here's Why


By trade, I'm a web developer. I've worked at an array of web development and internet marketing companies doing everything from email marketing, dev ops, web design, web development, IT and desktop support, and even fixing coffee machines.

I'm still doing web development, but after falling victim to endless amounts of spam, one too many social media "issues", and far too many WordPress sites being hacked, I decided one day to completely try and close myself off from the internet as much as possible without it effecting my normal day-to-day. So here we are.

Overall, I want this site to be a resource for those looking for answers ask to why shit is just getting weird and why we can't seem to control it. I hope my experience in building and designing the web can be an outlet for those wanting to get away from it.

Also, I know that this site looks plain, and that's sort of the point. It will get better over time, but honestly if it doesn't I don't give a shit.

This site is built with Eleventy even though I mostly work on WordPress, but WordPress sucks.