March 2017

Salt Bae

I just immersed myself into who and what this epic thing of Salt Bae.Aside from it being an epic meme that is circling the interwebs, he is in all actually a meat wizard. Did you see how that dude cuts meat? It’s pretty spectacular. He’s called the Turkish Chef and he’s

The Mountain Goats

I’m up. Doing work and waiting for my wife to come home from SLC. In between all of this, I’m listening to my friend’s podcast Desert Island Discourse and their episode about The Mountain Goats. Damn, I had no idea, but I’d have to say the music is quite suiting for this evening. I feel

oh, hey…

Oh hey, baseball is on again. That’s nice. I mean, it’s spring training games, but it’s better than nothing.

Daylight Savings Time

Daylight savings time again. Fun stuff, but it always makes me drink a vast amount of coffee. Just how much is too much coffee?

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