That when working and while working, not to get too sucked into other github projects while trying to work on work github projects. It’s not terrible, but I think I just burned a good half hour looking at other accessibility projects while trying to find a gist I saved from

Working Days

About 4 years ago (at the time of writing this post) I started working a contract job as a WordPress developer at a small bootstrapped startup called Dealer Inspire. Within about 8 months, they moved out of a tiny office space and into a larger working space where I started

Under The Willow Show

I shot these photos back in 2015 during a show for the band Under the Willow at Two Brothers Roundhouse. Sadly, they broke up, but at least I was able to document this show (as well as another one).

Woke up to this today

The high for today is -13 degrees Fahrenheit.

It’s the little things

I saw this at the end of a political ad for the mayor of Chicago. I just couldn’t help but notice the typeface combinations. I’m just not sure how I fell about this…

I Love You So Much…

That my feelings have feelings for your feelings.

Why I’m flopping back to CodeKit…for now.

For the a past two years now, I’ve managed to ween my way off of GUI based software to opt for more of the “technical” CLI based way of doing all of my task running items (e.g. – compiling SASS/SCSS, minification, JS linting, etc.). Before going the command line route

Vim. Yay.

I’ve decided to make life difficult for me and diving into Vim. Why?  Well, it appears that some people at work have taken a movement to start to move toward using Vim as their code editor of choice. And not to be completely left out, I figured I should HTFU and just start learining it.

Salt Bae

I just immersed myself into who and what this epic thing of Salt Bae.Aside from it being an epic meme that is circling the interwebs, he is in all actually a meat wizard. Did you see how that dude cuts meat? It’s pretty spectacular. He’s called the Turkish Chef and he’s

The Mountain Goats

I’m up. Doing work and waiting for my wife to come home from SLC. In between all of this, I’m listening to my friend’s podcast Desert Island Discourse and their episode about The Mountain Goats. Damn, I had no idea, but I’d have to say the music is quite suiting for this evening. I feel

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